We were racing?!?!?! Well sort of... This 'birth' event has delayed out release slightly as to be expected when 2/3 of your project members... well... disappear to add to execute planetary population++. BUT not by too much (everyone is doing well btw) and we didn't have to cut too much out of the release to just get the good stuff we got sitting idle out. That being said another release is being planned, and we already have little tweaks going in to follow up this update (hopefully you don't find rapid releases too annoying, we did hold onto to this last effort for 3 months...)


The app is in review and will be available as soon as Apple approves it... Since it went ito review late last week, I am guessing sometime this week.

Sorry for the lag in getting out updates! For the few who even know we exist, follow us, and ask regularly.

We have been seriously heads down (Chad, Meredith, and myself) working on this next release. Which will officially take us out of what I call our 'commercial beta' we released and patched a couple times since Nov 2011.

We have a fix for the iOS 3.2 crash. Turns out we use a feature in 4.x that does not cause the tools in Xcode to not allow you to publish your app to support 3.x... Go figure, but we worked around it! That will be in the next release. Which will be bloody soon or a little later... See... (excuse time) I slipped my schedule some over the 2011 holidays (i.e., forcibly took a month off) and now my next kid is due to be born ANY day now (light contractions and effacing (look it up) have been had by my wife Meredith). There will be a release soon! It will be either a software release or a baby followed ASAP by a software release, you can not plan these things so close to the wire. As soon as I finish the tutorial levels to introduce all the players to every facets of game play this thing goes live (again) and we start marketing.


Thanks for all your help and feedback. It really has helped us make a better game because of it!

Stay tuned for a list of fixes and feature additions soon.

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