Crash Cart has released! I am sorry I would have announced it earlier. But really it has been amazing and painful to support this product. There was so much new infrastructure we knew stuff was gonna blow up under load, but not exactly sure where, and it did. But not a complete down and out for more than an hour here and there. We did OK, not great, but OK. Crash Cart has a large server component for such a simple game. We already have gigs of player activity recorded (ghost trails) that can be watched and raced. The account system, although we botched it for 7.6% of people signing up and our auto account system forced some folks to have to create accounts (we really did not want that to happen, but its the work around.) Offline play was kinda rough despite our massive focus on making sure it was possible. And it was but in real world you had to wait for the Apple framework to timeout, which apparently behaves vastly different in the lab environment. We learned a lot there! Still learning, and we are gearing up for the multiplayer competition aspects. Should be fun! We lost many a night's productivity racing.

The next patch fixing auto accounts and some issues in the game is waiting for approval at Apple.

Cheers! And let us know what you think too!

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