All right! I figured it was about time to update the world... (that and I fixed the broken user account database on the site... no account, no log in... not a bad security policy, but it meant I just couldn't post the simplest of updates. It took me several months to get the task prioritized enough to fix it! But here we are. I'm back... Did you miss me?

I have been very busy with my partners at Appsomniacs creating Crash Cart! A new physics based racing action puzzle game... What is that you say? Puzzle racing? for the latest explanation head on over to and check it out for the latest and greatest (caveat: there is little more than "Coming soon!" atm of penning.) The app is in review at Apple. Assuming we don't have to fix something major we are going launch it soon!

In general Crash Cart is inspired by the likes of various bike/hill climb games but littered with contraptions inspired by puzzle games like Incredible Machine (think Rube Goldberg machines that you drive/race through) and the along with crazy physics based crash antics very much inspired by Happy Wheels (the free version can be handed to to anyone in the family btw) should be a hoot to play. And as a bonus the game comes with a full featured track creator built in. We used the same creator to create the levels in the game and its open to verified users (via email) to post their creations to share and challenge others. It's the same tools we use to build tracks. I don't think we will ever make another game where the user can't influence content. If there is a way we will make it happen.

The first version is free to play, you can play community unrated tracks for free or support the game by buying in app purchases to speed up coin acquisition. There are ads in the initial version and we will offer some alternative ways to tailor the ad experience and earn free coins. We have a lot of plans for this game if it takes off. Consider them stretch goals. What started out as an exploration of infrastructure to advance our Doodle Army series has turned into a very special game to us and we hope everyone finds something about it to love, whether it's the rag doll crash antics, racing friends, or making new tracks to challenge the community. We can't wait to see what the Crash Cart Nation comes up with!

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